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hosted by Graham D Brown and Erik ten Have

LMM53 – Graham Brown:
Investment Strategies in Japanese Property Market

Podcast highlights:

  • In today's Lazy Money Machine Podcast Graham walks us through investment strategies that work for Japan's diverse real estate property market, focusing on the outlying city of Fukuoka
  • Why would you want to consider a low-yield property market like Japan anyway? We talk about risk and currency diversification, and the dangers of having all your proverbial investment eggs in one basket (or market).
  • You can buy a 1 bed apartment in Fu...
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LMM52 – Cedric Waldburger:
Can You Live with Just 64 Things?

Podcast highlights:

  • Welcome Cedric Waldburger of 64 Things to Lazy Money Machine. He's passionate about startups, blockchain and owning just 64 things (all of which are black).
  • How does Cedric manage his minimalist lifestyle of 64 things? How does he maintain some form of stability when he is constantly traveling?
  • What kind of technologies and startups is Cedric actively involved in as a founder and angel investor?
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LMM51 – Erik on Raising OPM (Other People’s Money) to Finance Property Development

Podcast highlights:

  • Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) always talks about the importance of being able to leverage OPM (Other People's Money). In this episode of Lazy Money Machine we unpack Erik's development projects and how he's sourcing external finance
  • Erik walks us through his latest building project in Indonesia and shares advice on how he markets these projects to prospective investors.
  • What are the challenges in raising OPM? Why is raising OPM...
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LMM50 – Jasper Ribbers:
Airbnb as a Business

Podcast highlights:

  • Welcome Jasper Ribbers to Lazy Money Machine. Jasper is author of Get Paid for Your Pad the definitive Airbnb guide
  • How did Jasper get his start in Airbnb? How did Jasper build an Airbnb business across multiple countries?
  • Airbnb is an increasingly popular business to generate passive income for landlords, but what are pros and cons of this model compared to traditional property rental?
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LMM49 – Tom and Graham Live from Fukuoka,

Podcast highlights:

  • Welcome musician Tom Southerton to Lazy Money Machine we're going to jam about property investment and building businesses across borders and time zones.
  • Is the best tenant always the one who pays the most money? We trade landlord stories of how bad tenants can wreck your property business and what you can do to protect yourself from them?
  • We take a look at alternative investment vehicles and wealth holders like precious metals and c...
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LMM48 – Why You Should Have a Lifstyle and an Investment Business

Podcast highlights:

  • Many business owners think that their businesses will make them wealthy, they won't. Statistics show that most will end up making as much as they would have done if they stayed in the day job.
  • The key to creating long term sustainable wealth lies in income producing assets, particularly passive-income
  • Build a lifestyle business that generates cash, invest that surplus cashflow into an asset-based investment business
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LMM47 – Walter Rijk:
Investing in Commercial Property

Podcast highlights:

  • Walter Rijk joins the Lazy Money Machine. We talk about how he got his start in commercial real estate property investing
  • What is the challenge in growing a large, successful business? How do you manage the expectations of being "the boss"? What do you do when you want "out" but you've been "in" for so long?
  • How does commercial real estate investing differ from residential real estate? What are the pros and cons of each? How do you...
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LMM46 – Declutter:
Collect Experiences not Things

Podcast highlights:

  • What really makes us happy experience or things? We're not just talking about the obvious things like cars, houses etc, we're also talking about labels, titles and expectations that weigh us down.
  • Why do we end up accumulating so much clutter in our lives? What causes this? How can we be aware to the insidious creep of things in our life?
  • How can you clear out things to make more room for experience in your life? What's the real me...
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LMM45 – Even if you don’t have money,
you can get ahead in investment

Resources or resourcefulness what do you need to be a successful investor? Some potential investors tell me the reason they haven't started building their passive income is because they don't have enough spare cash. He's why that's never an excuse to not get started.
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LMM44 -How to Set Goals for 2018

Should you set business goals for 2018? Will these goals make you happy? What are the wrong kind of goals to set? What are the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when going about goal setting?
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