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(1) The journey to financial freedom

To become financially free you need 3 things:
  • A system to generate Passive Income
  • Education to know what your goals and methods should be
  • A network of likeminded investors who will help you grow rather than hold you back

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(2) How to Get Started

Getting started in property investment is often the hardest step for most people, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you have money, that’s great, but you can get started even without money to invest. In this video we share tips on how to get started (with or without money).

Why Graham and Erik?

graham d brown
Graham D Brown
Erik Ten Have
  • Built property portfolios worth $10 million dollars collectively
  • Been traveling the world for the last 5 years
  • Published author, qualified financial advisor, startup investor, entrepreneur mentor
  • We were never going to survive in the corporate world wearing suits and hang on to retirement, so we had to make our own independent plans a success
  • And we live and work in shorts (most days)
  • Erik is a wannabe daytime Radio DJ and Graham has a face for radio, so this has become our passion

Lesson 3/5

(3) How to Build Assets (with or without money)

There are many different ways to invest, and we invest in a wide range of assets from other companies to Bitcoin. But, there’s only one asset that you can build your future on and that’s property. Wherever there are people there is a property market, yes even in your country.

Lesson 4/5

(4) How to Set Clear Financial Goals

Freedom is closer than you think. People often think you need $1,000,000 or more in the bank to become financially free. Rather than focus on an amount on in the bank, get educated and learn to create Passive Income.

Lesson 5/5

(5) How to Deal with the Voices of Doubt

Talk to people about investment and financial freedom and you’ll hear a whole bunch of objections, reasons why you shouldn’t do this or that. But, the people who hold you back aren’t financially free themselves. These objections are the reason they’ll spend the rest of their life working for the Man.

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