1) Freedom is a Long Game

Property Investment

(vs short term day-to-day)
The longer the game you play, the better your chance at winning and becoming free. If you want to have freedom of time and money you need to set out on a long game willing to accept it is going to take time to get there.

As much as conventional wisdom advises us to live in the moment, we also have to make sure our future moments aren’t spent worrying about where the next pay check will come from. Therefore start on a journey to get your income form investment vehicles like property.

Digital nomadding around the world is great fun but mostly digital nomads perform a job exchanging time for money in a location where their money goes very far. If they stop working they need to stop nomadding.  If you build a passive income stream and then to decide to live in a place where cost of living is cheap, this is different and called Location Arbitrage

2) Business Don’t Make You Rich, Assets Do

Property Investment

(vs trading on the next big thing)
Business don’t make you rich, assets do. If you want to be financially free, you need to invest in passive-income producing assets. These are assets that make money while you sleep. And of all the assets, long term real estate property is the most consistent and reliable source of wealth generation. There will always be people who need places to live, and there will always be a fixed supply of land.

3) Measure Freedom in Time not Money

(vs being a wage slave)
The goal of the game isn’t to amass money, it’s to create choice.

4) Success is a Zero-Sum Game

Location Arbitrage

(vs the zero-sum-game of the career ladder)
Redefine success on your own terms. The traditional career path only makes you spin the hamster wheel faster.
As you earn more money, you spend more. Better jobs mean more expensive cars, houses and lifestyles. To break the zero-sum game you need to separate where you work and where you earn your money. You could get double your salary simply by moving to another country. You could achieve in weeks or months what many work years for.

5) Collect Experiences not Things

(vs things)

It’s shared experiences that make us happy.